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BIOCHAR – Reduce Fire Threat While Increasing Forest Resilience

This article was written by guest author C. Tabor Teachout from the BioChar Coalition in North San Juan, California.

In the landscape of our community, we are surrounded by overgrowth which, left unmanaged, could lead to a catastrophic wild fire in our back yard. Wood chipping and mastication services are tactics that are energy intensive and expensive and can’t be done everywhere. Standard burn piles that use much less energy, however, emit a lot of smoke pollution in our environment and leave behind only ash, of little value. In this article, I will describe how to conduct a pyrolysis burn which emits very little smoke and creates a ton of biochar, which, on the contrary, has tremendous value. It will be worth making biochar on your next safe burn day, and I will explain how using three options – Pyre, Pit, and Kiln. To find out legal burn day status check Click to Read More

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