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Kenneth Scherer ~ Owner of KOrganics

Born in Texas, raised in NY

My family used to be farmers in Wisconsin many generations ago


I worked for my families business, which involved running daily operations. It's still a successful Residential electrical construction company today, located in WNY.   Managed the office for several years and acquired valuable business knowledge of day to day operations, including; marketing, sales, association, networking, creating websites, recruiting, training, payroll, office duties, managing, ect.

But, I really began my journey in 2016 after deciding of wanting a better snack for backyard birds. I lived near a bird sanctuary and had many flocks of which I wanted to give to. After a quick trip to the feed store, I started looking around and noticed a bag of dehydrated meal worms. A bit pricey but uniquely different than the seeds and grains I was currently feeding them.


I took these worms home, threw them all over my backyard and waited to see what would happen. To my amusement, many different birds were assembling and feasting on these dried up snacks. After throwing 10 or 12 handfuls, I knew right away I wouldn’t be able to keep this going; budget wise, as a pound of these worms were about 20$. I began to research on how expensive it would be to produce my own bugs to retain my budget, and continually produce enough worms for my flying friends.

My search led me to discover many local pet supplies stores sell these worms and I then learned how to farm them and set out on this new hobby. After a few youtube videos, I created my own system and was able to get a steady supply of live worms. I could leave 100 to 200 worms in one day throughout the year. I was delighted with the results. My consent feeding made my backyard the haven away from the sanctuary, as it was always filled with wonderful creatures and they started to realize what was going on.

Further curious about the nature of this worm I set out to research everything about them, and why so many species seemed to enjoy them. The meal-worm is basically a ketogenic gift. The worms are full of fat and are quite nutrient dense. Further research brought me to the knowledge of what you feed these bugs are what you can get out of them

The more I farmed, the more bug waste I started to generate and started to get annoyed. Sifting out this dust and dead beetles were a hassle. I thought it was worthless and just threw it all over my lawn. Soon I noticed my lawn was growing at a reckless pace, and was now further annoyed with how many times I had to mow my lawn.

  Then the revelation


I had a jolt of creative desire to look deeper into this mysterious powder. What power and magic was lurking within. I started to search all corners of the web. To my absolute astonishment, I realized this substance was a bio-molecular POWERHOUSE. Throwing it away was something no longer and I knew this was something that could change farming forever.


I then set out on a mission to find the best way to extract and use this new bio fertilizer that was generating in abundance in my own abode. Family members snickered at the idea of me playing with bug feces, but I knew deep down this will be one of the most important things I will ever do.

 Teaming up with some friends on the internet I learned of many natural farming methods; fermentation, air extractions, composting and general soil knowledge to the point where I started to apply my own ideas by creating a test garden.

After using fermented frass with dead bugs in a compost pile sitting for 6 months, I went and purchased potting soil and vermiculite into a 10 x 12 garden bed. A friend gave me a handful of tomato seedlings and I put them into the lot.  Never once using insecticides or synthetic products I was able to grow 200+ organic tomatoes with no defects, of which I gave out to most of my family and friends.Many ranting and raving at the deliciousness. As time went on my operations have grown and many friends, as well as family began to use my soil products. This led me to starting my own company utilizing Natural Farming methods and empowering people to do the same.


By the 4th year I had perfect soil with red wigglers consuming my composts and bug frass inoculates. Using fermented juices with compost and teas, mixed with natural air captured bacteria really gave my soil an edge and I began to market and sell it to those interested. I was able to restore stagnated bushes, trees, garden beds and worked for a hemp farm and demonstrated its abilities.

Then 2020

I still had a 9 to 5 job during all this discovery but then lost it in July because of the pandemic. I met a wonderful woman who worked in California. We hit it off and decided to move my operations and knowledge to where she was, which is in Butte County. In order for this to happen I had to downsize all of my bugs to a mere 5% of what I had originally, and had to drive them across the country. Before this I was producing about 30 pounds of frass a month, all at my home laboratory. I was about to expand operations but decided it was best to take this to a land full of farmers, and a land that needs this the most.

During the first quarter of 2020 I was also looking into BIOCHAR and wanted to start creating my own. I knew of its miracle effects with water retention and nutrient storage capacities. Looking ahead past 2020 I really wish to organize and establish myself as a nutrient supplier to optimize natural food costs so everyone can enjoy  organic tomatos and more, at a reasonable and affordable price. I believe everyone deserves quality food, that doesn't collapse the biosphere, but enhances it. As we are what we eat.

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