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Partners and Affiliates

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After months of research and due diligence as to the best company overall in the large scale production and industrial ready scalability of both high quality BioChar as well as the manufacturing of the hardware and software to do so, and immense practical “know how”, Tree of Life Biotech took a strategic decision to partner with BioChar Now, LLC. and leverage the many achievements and milestones which it has reached over the past 12 years. These achievements include 16 issued patents, and certifications including ISO, US-EPA, USDA Bio-preferred, CEPA (Canada), OMRI (Organic Certification), and Israeli Ministry of Agriculture. We also have the ability to offer and sell Carbon Credits.

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Biochar Coalition’s purpose is to increase biochar making, for stable carbon sequestration. Creating more biochar by educating and training more people in how to properly make and incorporate biochar into landscapes to sequester stable carbon, reducing atmospheric carbon and increasing soil carbon, protect watersheds, while addressing our current global carbon imbalance for the benefit of future generations of all biological life.

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Kelpie Wilson is an engineer and analyst with 35 years of experience in renewable energy, sustainable forestry and resource conservation. 


Since 2008, she has focused on biochar. She has consulted with private industry and government agencies through her company Wilson Biochar. Her contracts have included work for the International Biochar Initiative, Washington Department of Ecology, North Dakota Forest Service, Great Plains Biochar Initiative, Oregon Biochar Solutions, Long Tom Restoration Council, California Almond Board, and many others. She is also a founding board member of the US Biochar Initiative.


Globally and locally our ecosystems’ ability to support life is threatened due to extreme wildfires and weather events, drought, desertification, demand for resources, and much more.  We believe ALL of us have a role to play in stewarding and restoring our local ecologies.

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ABT is a field operation support group. Our specialized business goal is to offer Human Resource training for biomass resource management projects, bridging compliance at the grassroots community level. Our company was founded in (1999), in response to the growing need for regulations mandates related to Air & Water quality for biomass mitigation projects.

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