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UPDATE 5/2/2023 Our operations have recently moved! We have committed to operating and being hosted in Vina, CA. We are working on a family farm with a dynamic team. Here KOrganics will assist in generating Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers. This farm supplies many local businesses with no nonsense food with all natural fertilizers and no spraying. They have a reputation to uphold and we feel our services can assist their goals. Our transition here to this farm has left our team little time to commit to public out-reach . Regardless, we accomplished 4 seminars from FALL 2022- SPRING 2023 in Paradise California. The Flyers are Below. Thank you all to those who supported these events to be undertaken. We are truly grateful. We look forward to being hosted at more locations with some still brewing for the 2023 Season. We suggest checking out the BIOCHARCOALITION.ORG website for more seminars and information on how to get involved.

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