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K.O Goals

K Organics


Short Term Goals

Expand Knowledge of Korean Natural Farming Methods

Reach out to farmer markets and establish a front

Fine tune the Costs of producing organic fertilizers while maximizing nutrient density and storage life

Research development on the effects of Meal worm frass and Lactobacillus on wood in compost

Full Spectrum Analysis on a fermented frass teas, OHN, FPJ and WSC

Advertising  of said products to emerging markets

Speak to local farmers and nutrient wholesalers about emerging markets involving bio-char inoculates

Create a buzz on all the necessities of bio char to prevent further desertification and land security

Gain more contracts with local gardeners and farmers

Create a subscription gardening program

Purchase infrastructure and land to sustain a developing market

Expand meal worm colonies and research analysis on digestion of certain foodstuff outputs

Speak to local restaurants and business involved in generating food wastes for fertilizer potentials

Create test gardens to demonstrate the power of using mealworm frass

Long Term

Purchase a storefront / home store selling nutrients and organic foods

Create a fleet to deliver liquid fertilizers

Create a fast delivery method of injecting biochar slurries into degraded land

3 year Soil analysis after introduction of K-Organics Inoculations

Begin Seminars for on how to procure homemade recipes and bio char

Create a network of supply chains to maximize costs and profits

Hire and Train employees to handle daily operations and quality control

Create a homeless to farm workforce team to help instill value to those with no guidance

Create a herbal oasis retreat using KOrganics farms to treat extreme drug addictions

Generate buzz at the top that it’s everyone’s responsibility to see this through

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