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BioChar fried at 800-1400c. Slightly Alkaline.

Call for Up to date info 716-880-0386

Recommended usage

Inoculate First if burying in soil, place 1 inch below the surface.


Soil ripping is highly recomended for bulky char if soil is in a distressed state, scattering is perfered for a healthy soil.

Inoculate with a fermented medium for 3 days then apply into soil mix. For new planters or germination utilizing lactobactillus inoculated biochar works best with char that has a balanced ph of 6.2- 7.2

1 Pound per 10 Pounds of soil.

1 Pound Per New Tree Well for whips or transplant's

Use 1 to 10 tons per acre (USDA Recomendations)

1 Ton of bio char can equate to 13 to 17 yards
1 Yard can weigh from 100-350 pounds depending on moisture content.
Low moisture containing char has a lower weight and is priced accordingly. 

Bob's raw as a content of 20% or lower



1 Pound
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