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Creation of MyCelChar

We have discovered a unique method to inoculate local biochar into a life generating and remediating compound

Our alchemy began with a purpose of purity

Working with natural process KOrganics produces small components for a larger creation

With knowledge of Raw biochar characteristics and alchemical reactions, we combine carbon with strong acids, enzymes, insect compounds and excreta, to which we term the Du’at Soup.

KOrganics preloads natures strongest elements to ensure a healthy permanent structure within the soil that will assist all root functions and increase adaptation to its local environment. Using local biochar and locally brewed ingredients is our key to this ability.

What does it do?

Mycelchar is a pre inoculated biochar blend that has undergone natural fermentation and natural selection. We utilize pathogenic scrubbing microbes that assist in breaking down in house created fertilizers from the Mealworm. Mealworms contain Chitin, and an abundance of soil loving bacteria inside their poop. At KOrganics we discovered how to use fermentation of chitin into chitosan using minimal infurstrucre or advanced technology.


Fermentation is old science, and we didn’t need fancy equipment when we did this 6000 years ago!

We make sure every hydrogen is bonded with nutrients for a complete biochar inoculation that is ready for plant root systems to incorporate into their rhizosphere. Once installed this carbon mineral will instantly tell your plant, and the plant will begin to respond within the first week. Plants crave carbon, and when there are nutrients loaded within the carbon, this creates a huge advantage. Roots will utilize the biochar as a storage unit and ask the carbon through electricity to release nutrients from its matrix. Also, our biochar comes loaded with mycelium which will also act on root system and nearby organic insolubilized nutrients, working to be incorporated into the nearby plant. Yes, this biochar blend will activate insoluble nutrients buried deep in your land. This is the beauty of microbiology; they do all the work for you! Like tiny scrubbing bubbles!  At KOrganics we are hard pressed to find a elemental compound that is more abundant or dynamic than biochar. Therefore, we committed our business to producing, mixing, and burying biochar, as we understand organic chemistry. If plants crave carbon, then let’s give them more, that is our mission with biochar and all the while assisting in the natural carbon cycle for a deep climate legacy in the right direction.


Usage Instructions:

There are many ways to utilize KOrganics Mycelchar into the soil substrate, and its best to understand what your soil type is and how best to apply biochar biased on your unique situation.


Seed Starters
it is not recommended to use mycelchar for seed starts, we do offer a seed starter blend we highly recommend.



Add 20-30% mycelchar to 80-70%% soil a 2:10 Ratio

Soil Ripping on Contour

Sprinkle Mycelchar into soil ripped trenches at a rate of 2 pounds per 40 square feet


Swale Construction

During digging and shaping of the swale trench, proceed to apply 1-2 pounds per 40 square feet.


New Garden Raised Bed Construction

Per 400 square feet of planting, apply upwards to 25-50 pounds per bed, more for distressed, hard clay, sand, or poorly drained soil mediums. Apply Biochar at the lowest burial point and mixing up to the surface is preferred.


Large Scale Row Application
2-10 pounds per 40 square feet either micronized or regular. Slurry machines work well for wet or a dry fertilizer spreader. If you are tilling the soil it is best to apply the biochar to the surface and then run it in with the plow or surface ripper, or if you have and orchard shank it into the sides of the rows, or apply the liquid biochar to the surface.


Tree Application Ratios

Bands – ¼-½ pound
Whips - .5 to 1 pound
Gallons -1 - 2 pounds
5 Gallon – 5-10 pounds
15 Gallon – 15-30 Pounds


No-Till Application

Wet Application
Depending on the purchased type of inoculated biochar, our Micronized Mycelchar can be applied at 2 cups per 5 gallons of water. Vortex mixers, slurry spreaders or a diaphragm pump is recommended. Using this micronized biochar in drip lines is not recommended. Agitate the mixture to suspend all particles and begin to spray our toss the liquid blend to the surface of your no till garden.

Dry Application

Apply mycelchar to the surface of your no till garden at rate of 1 to ½ inch of surface coverage. Application should be done after the harvest, or during plant, or weed removal or post plant fertilization practices, before cover crops, or during the springtime or fall when maintenance endeavors are undertaken. Biochar for no-till works best to stimulate the the soil by massaging it into the surface and applying mulch or a cover crop or both. Mixing mycelchar with other mineral fertilizers will enhance its characteristics.


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