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LAB Culture (Gallon)
Started with Rice Wash Ferment

LAB  culture  is  diluted  at  a  1:1,000  ratio  with  water  (Table  1),  mixed  with  a  plant  nutrient  solution  such  as fermented plant juice (FPJ) (Miller et al., in press), and applied as a foliar spray to leaf surfaces of leaf or fruit  crops. Apply Every 2 Weeks 1 month. Proceede to 1:2000 every month during vegetative stage. Procedde to 1:10000 during fruiting.  

Note:  Over-application  of  LAB  culture  to  fruit crops may result in the loss of sweetness (lowered brix) of fruits. Apply sparingly in the latter stages of the fruiting season.

Application  of  LAB  culture  can  accelerate  the  decomposition  of  organic  amendments  in  soils  and  enhance  the  release  of  plant  nutrients  for  absorption (Higa and Kinjo 1989).

If purchasing in bulk for long term, lactro requires to be fed 4 cups of organic cane sugar every 4 weeks, per 5 gallons. Or the smell of liquid begins to acidify. Adding sugar will increase the microbial count making your solution stronger. After about a month of feeding, it's advisable to culture microbes into a larger container to expand your purchase.

Effective Microbe LAB

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